Das Glück der Tüchtigen

Foto: Das Podium; © ZVG von WTB

Foto: Das Podium; © ZVG von WTB

28. November 2007

Einlass ab 18:00 Uhr: IKEA Welcome Gölgg
Beginn: 18:30 Uhr

Das Glück der Tüchtigen - Drivers for Sustainable Success
aus der Veranstaltungsreihe:
Women Talk Business®
Die Podiumsdiskussion wird in Englisch abgehalten

Ort: IKEA-Vösendorf SCS, Eingang

Anmeldung:  (bereits ausgebucht)

Empfang bei IKEA mit einem schwedischen Gölgg:

Nachdem die Temperaturen im Freien nahe dem Gefrierpunkt waren, gab es zur Begrüßung der Karrieredamen von "Women talk Business" einen schwedischen Gölgg. Dieser wird mit Mandelstücken und Rosinen - mit oder ohne Alkohol - getrunken.

Um auch nach dem Gölgg-Trinken sicher den Weg zum "Glück der Tüchtigen" zu finden, gab es Wegweiser durch die großen IKEA Verkaufsräumlichkeiten.

Fotos: Empfang der Karrieredamen von "Women talk Business" bei IKEA;  © Wien-konkret

Fotos: Empfang der Karrieredamen von "Women talk Business" bei IKEA; © Wien-konkret

A warm welcome at IKEA Vösendorf...

Foto: Frau Petra Gidebratt Kaindl, store managerin IKEA SCS; © Wien-konkret

Foto: Frau Petra Gidebratt Kaindl, store managerin IKEA SCS; © Wien-konkret

Zu Beginn gab es eine kurze Begrüßung durch die Leiterin der IKEA Niederlassung in Vösendorf, Frau Petra Gidebratt Kaindl:

"A warm welcome to IKEA Vösendorf on behalf of my team. My name is Petra Gidebratt Kaindl. I am store manager in this store. IKEA Vösendorf is the biggest IKEA store in Austria and also one of the biggest IKEA stores worldwide. IKEA in total has 250 stores all over the world with approximately 120.000 co-workers. The turn over for one year was 19,8 bilion Euro.

IKEA Vösendorf has been in the market for 30 years. We have the 30 years anniversery this year. We offer fantastic home furnishing solutions for everday use to many people. That is our job.
Here in Vösendorf we greet 3 million visitors every year. We do this at 37.000 square meters and all in all we have more than 400 co-workers. 60% of our workforce is female and at our managers this ratio is about 50%.

I wish you a nice and enjoyable evening. I hope to see you in the stores again - of course. Thank you."

The panel / Das Podium:

Host Petra Gidebratt Kaindl, IKEA Store Manager

Atika Chona, Global Business Manager Carpets IKEA India
* Julie Desrosiers, Business Area Manager Bedroom IKEA of Sweden
* Helen Duphorn, Country Manager IKEA Austria
* Viera Juzovà, Managing Director Swedwood Slovakia
* Günter Thumser, President Henkel Central Eastern Europe

Ehrenschutz 2007:

Helen Duphorn, IKEA Country Managerin Österreich, und
Mag. Günter Thumser, Henkel President Central Eastern Europe

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Introduction of the panel...

Bild: Frau Dr. Sabine Fischer; © Wien-konkret

Bild: Frau Dr. Sabine Fischer; © Wien-konkret

Frau Dr. Sabine Fischer - Gründering von "Women talk business" - stellt anschließend das Podium vor. Es waren an diesem Abend vier IKEA Top-Managerinnen und ein Henkel Top-Manager.

Helen Duphorn is Swede and has been with IKEA for 9 year. For 2 ½ years Helen has been country manager for IKEA Austria.

Julie Desrosiers is Canadian and Swede and has been with IKEA for 24 years. Juli is worldwiede business area manager at IKEA of Sweden. Juli is responsible for one of the core businesses areas. Guess, what the core business area is. It´s bedroom. She leads a team of co-workers sharing 17 different nationalities

Viera Juzovà is Slovak and has been with Swetwood for 17 years. Viera is managing director of Swedwood Slovakia. As such, she is boss of six huge producitons units in Slovakia. She is really lady in a men´s world. The Swedwood-group is the IKEA industrial group producing wood based furniture and components. Swedwood has over 12.000 co-workers and 38 factories in 9 countries

Atika Chona: For her it took two days to come here from Bangladesh. Atika is Indian and has been with IKEA for 3 ½ years. Atika is global business manager for IKEA carpets. She is also a mentor for business development South Asia.
Günter Thumser: And now a warm welcome to our man: Günter Thumser.  Günter is Austrian and has been for henkel for 29 years. Günter ist President Henkel Central Eastern Europe. Henkel was founded in 1876. So Henkel is 67 years older than IKEA. This is more than twice as old than IKEA.

Ideas summerized / Die Aussagen und Gedankensplitter zusammengefaßt :

Fotos: Podiumsgäste; © Wien-konkret

Fotos: Podiumsgäste; © Wien-konkret

* strong company culture and shared values, that we have internally. We are quite simple. We are not prestigeous. This makes it possible to get things done quickly. It laos makes it possible to promote people purely based on the competance and professionalism. We are pretty simple people with a stron mission.
* We have a fully integrated supllier chain: product and design development – production – selling. We don´t pa middle man and we are not dependent on external companies in such a big extend.
* Our product range, which is unique compared to competitors. With IKEA it is possible to live a modern everyday living.
* A big advantage in being a private company and not a listed one. That gives us a tremendous freedom to act as we believe is right and to act on longterm basis eg at the Russian market

* wonderful solutions with small means. We are 700 coworkers and we are fascinated with life at home all over the world
* segmentation of different homes: modern – casual – good for families
* focus groups: we visited many, many homes. We travelled the world. We look for the most challenging places for homes. Eg good solutions for very small places, especially for bedrooms.
* some ideas of the 17 hundreds in Sweden
* if we go to the most challenging places and then sell the solutions to other places, then it becomes good for everybody.
* the most challenging thing is, that people have a lot of stuff; a lot of clothes, a lot of books, a lot of shoes, a lot of toys. We calculate a lot and interview a lot of people. Interestings facts: all women have at least 100 pairs of socks at home.
* we work a lot with Italians. They are very particular with clothing and very interested in clothing
* We are really concerned to give a solution


* Our production companies should offer right goods in a right time, for a reasonable costs to the final destination and to the final customers
* We try to help external suppliers
* sometimes designers have very good ideas. But we must make sure, that it is also able to be produced
* materials und products must also be available in three years
* communication between the departments und companies

* good quality at best possible prices
* best use of our ressources like water and rwa material, (cutton, wool, ..) and that we are not damaging the environment while we are producing
* lomgterm partnerships with our producers, so that we have a sustainable success
* help our suppliers to ensure volume demands in the future, because IKEA is growing at a very fast pace.
* we demand, that also our workers have a better everyday life, as it is IKEA´s mission

* Mission statement of Henkel: “My dedication is to make the peoples life easier, better and more beautiful."
* Preserve our surrounding. We encounter much higher costs than our competitors. In Eastern Europe we are quite allone with that comittment eg phosphor-free detergents
* we are still a family owned company. So we can afford to have a longterm view

Personel advices

Bild: Echte Schwedenbomben als süße Nachspeise am Buffet; © Wien-konkret

Bild: Echte Schwedenbomben als süße Nachspeise am Buffet; © Wien-konkret

* good people
* clear goales
* work with your strength not weeknesses
* work with the strength of people, not their weaknesses

* beliefe in yourself
* marry a modern men
* work for a modern company

* be yourself - be authentic
* beliefe in yourself
* Stay with your team - because it's always the team which wins... 



Ca. 200 Gäste - vorwiegend Damen, aber auch ein paar Herren - fanden den Weg zum "Glück der Tüchtigen". Das Publikum konnte es sich bequem machen in den verschiedensten Sitzmöglichkeiten von IKEA. Vom einfachen Sessel bis zur Wohnzimmer-Couche konnte jeder den für sich passenden Sitzplatz finden.

Nach der Veranstaltung gab es kurze Führungen "Guided Tours" durch IKEA SCS. Man konnte sich über "Product development and Scandinavian Design", "Swedisch Food", "Wie kommt das Produkt ins Regal?", "Wie kann ein Unternehmen wie IKEA Umwelt- und Sozialengagement leben", "Wie funktioniert ein IKEA Einrichtungshaus", "IKEA FAMILY: Kundenbindung the IKEA Way", "Das neue IKEA Service Office" und "Wie entsteht eine IKEA Musterzimmer" im Detail informieren.

Bilder vom Publikum und den "IKEA Guides"; © Wien-konkret

Bilder vom Publikum und den "IKEA Guides"; © Wien-konkret

Persönlichkeiten beim Small-talk

Beim anschließenden Women Talk Business®–Networking gesichtet wurden u.a.: 

Anita Puhr (AMS), Helga Schratzberger (DIS), Katharina Hauke (DIS), Manuela Vollmann (abz), Lisa Niedermayr (Künstlerin), Anna Kolesarova (BRZ), Dagmar Feigel (Henkel), Sonja Böhm (Raiffeisen Capital Management), Eva Haas (PwC), Christine Gartner (EZB), Nadine Precht (NEWS), Rainald Edel (Wr. Zeitung), Heidmarie Zimmermann (Eventjournal).

Infos zu IKEA Vösendorf:

IKEA Einrichtungshaus Vösendorf
Shopping City Süd, 2334 Vösendorf

IKEA Kundenservice: Tel: 0810/081 081

Mo-Mi: 9.30 - 19.30  Do-Fr: 9.30 - 21.00   Frühstück: ab 9.00
Sa: 9.00 - 18.00  Frühstück: ab 8.30

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