Du bist meine große Liebe.

Meine Frau sagte während eines Streits zu mir:
Ich will nicht, daß du gehst. Du bist meine große Liebe.

Das hat mir Angst gemacht. Ich war mir nicht sicher, ob ich ihre Erwartungen erfüllen könnte.
Dann sagte sie zu mir, ich solle doch ein einziges mal versuchen der Typ zu sein in den sie sich verliebt hat.
Gerald S.   14.3.2016

Liebeserklärung an Pirmin

Mein lieber Pirmin!
Es tut mir wahnsinnig Leid wie alles gekommen ist! Ich sitze Tag und Nacht wach und überlege wie ich wieder alles gut machen kann...Jede Minute, in der ich an dich denke und du nicht bei mir bist, zerreißt mir das Herz. Ich hab noch so viele Dinge vor, die ich mit dir gemeinsam erleben möchte =)
Ohne dich ist mein Herz so leer...Umso mehr würde ich mich freun wenn du wieder auf mich zugehst!
Ich will dich nicht mehr missen!
deine Jasmin
PIJA 4ever <3              9. Jänner 2013


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I miss you

My sweetest love ... it's the middle of the night and I can not sleep. Hour after hour I miss you more, my thoughts are all about you!
I miss you infinitely! You are the most wonderful person in the world, I am so incredibly proud to be with you, I'm so happy that you have endured as long with me!
And once again I try to find words to describe to you how unbelievably big my love for you is ... again I feel like it is impossible, and there are those words do not ... but I'll try anyway! If I see you every time, my heart just before the heart attack and the butterflies in my stomach is ticking ... I do not know what you do to me, but it's the most wonderful feeling in the world! You make me always to laugh .... you've shown me that there is a purpose in life and my mind I see every time I look in your eyes ... you're always there for me when I need you ... you take me exactly as I am, with my whims and errors. You prove to me every day that we will last forever and that makes me happy every single day delightfully ... you are to me the most honest zawji in the world ... you know me better than anyone else ... your smile and your words make me goose bumps all over my body, I feel incredibly safe and secure, thank you for giving me this incredible feeling of true love! I know that it is not always easy with our love, but we are always keeping our love, I want see you always happy. My zawji, please do not doubt! My love! If it is hard for me to find the right words to describe my feelings for you, then feel my heart, it will show you how much I love you! You are my everything, my life, my world.
You gave me your heart and I will good take care of it ... because it's the most beautiful, fragile and precious gift I've ever received, I want never lose in life. I can not sleep without a kiss from you, without having to have at least heard your voice. And no matter how tired I am, my first thought you're my zawj. I would love to fall asleep in your arms today and hear how you are half asleep one more "I Love You" say. Early in the morning we would wake up just as we fell asleep and the first thing I would see were you, as you still peacefully sleep, I would watch you and if I was too impatient, I'd kiss you awake so tenderly! I will look into your eyes, this feel butterflies in my stomach, caressing your cheek, take you in the arm and very tight hug. I do not know how, but somehow you managed to get my thoughts only revolve around you and that for months. I love every second with you, when we dream together, and know that at some point everything really is, and when we laugh together. I love it for hours just to look you .... my only treasure. Believe me, there are still a million things more and I could write on all days and rave from you, because you are my greatest happiness ... I love you with all my heart, forever and always, I want you never lose more ...
Thank you, you're always there for me!
I love you my zawji
1000000 Kisses
your Rose
oh I have forget
Between us is such a close bond that no one can cut . It's a band, plaited from love, understanding and kindness. Sometimes it seems as though everything is just a dream. But it is a reality and with each of your eyes you show me your devotion and your deep feelings. I sink in your eyes, so clear and pure. And every day you show me again how much you love me. I thank the Lord that I have such a friend and soul mate to my side. my mind is firmly and closely with you
your Ruth          5th Jan 2013

La Fenice: Inh. Mag. Alfredo Toniatti Tramontana

La Fenice in Wien: Glasvasen aus Murano (Venedig)

La Fenice in Wien: Glasvasen aus Murano (Venedig)

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